Why Winter is a Great Time to Buy an Apartment or Renovate

As you may have ready from more than one of our previous blog posts, the summer months are the prime months to look for an apartment rental. School is over, so families and students have the time and ability to move apartments, but what about buying an apartment?

When looking for an apartment to buy in Israel, buyers need to make an informed and well-thought-out decision. It is a large sum of money and a big commitment to make such a move, and nobody wants the pressure and stress of life to distort their decision. In the summer months with the school year being over, and the kids home from school, many people take this time to go on vacation and spend time with their families, or, they must figure out how to occupy their children during the days while they go to work. Whichever the case may be, it tends to be a more intense period. Not to mention the fact, that once school has begun, the Chagim follow soon after, and all the constant breaks from school, and preparations for the holidays, make it almost or even more stressful than the summer.

For these such reasons, we find that people are more inclined to buy apartments in Israel in the winter months. Between Chanukah through Pesach, there are no major holidays thus people can focus on their day-to-day life and have more available time. True the days are shorter, and it gets dark at 16:00, but there is this stretch of no disruptions for a good 3-4 months.

Not only are the winter months good for purchasing an apartment in Israel, but they are also some of the best for renovating an apartment. Because apartments can be vacant for longer periods in the winter months, it is a great opportunity for home owners to renovate their apartment and make changes so that the apartment is ready to be rented out come the summer time.

Additionally, because there is this long stretch of work-time, construction workers can put in more undisrupted hours of work, and have the renovations completed on time.

With all this being said, here at Alon Central we can help you in finding your home in Jerusalem whether it be in the summer months or the winter ones.