At Alon Central, our goal is to provide custom management services that cater to your specific needs. We offer several service packages that facilitate short- and long-term rentals, as well as a more comprehensive property management plan that covers full building maintenance year-round.

Why choose Alon? The answer is simple—we provide personalized, professional service that brings you the most value for your property. Here’s how:

• We are comprised of a team of young, energetic people who want to make a difference.

• All of our agents were born and grew-up in the neighborhoods they work in, therefore they are familiar with the market.

• We are all fluent in both English and Hebrew. • We work in central neighborhoods with clients from Israel and abroad.

• We provide comprehensive real-estate services in one place—including sales, rent, vacation rentals, and property management

• We market all of our properties through digital media, print publications and posters, as well as traditional networking.

• We thoroughly vet each prospective tenant to ensure that any person staying in your property is reliable and trustworthy.

Read more to discover the package that’s right for you.


If you have a property you would like to lease to short-term tenants, Alon Central provides services to facilitate the rental process and bring you regular cash flow.

With this package, you can rely on us to:

• Professionally photograph your property for listings and promotion on a variety of digital and print platforms.

• Produce video content of the property for our site and YouTube, which will provide a more immersive experience of the feel of the space.

• Post listings for your property on our website, which are optimized for all search engines.

• Post listings for your property on a variety of other media platform to reach as many prospective tenants as possible.

• Promote your property among our ongoing clients who we have relationships with and trust.

• Furnish each apartment on each check-in with hotel-like amenities such as soaps and chocolates to enhance the tenants’ experience.

The services that come with this package have brought many of our management clients satisfied tenants around the year. And best of all, signing up for this plan does not require any commitment or exclusivity on your behalf!


For those who can’t—or do not wish—to be troubled with renting their own property for short terms, Alon Central provides a management package to manage the property down to the last detail. With the upgraded management plan, you receive all the features of the above plan, and we will also:

• Arrange for check-in to the apartment, upon which the will find an instruction sheet with all information concerning the apartment, making sure they know how to use the appliances and facilities and that they feel comfortable to begin their stay.

• Collect payments (rent and/or utilities) from tenants and deposit them into your Israeli bank account.

• Act as the “Reception Desk” for your tenants, attending to any request, need, or problem they might have.

• Inspect the apartment at the end of each rental period to make sure it was left in a satisfying manner.

• Arrange for the apartment to be cleaned, linens and towels to be laundered, and anything else that may be necessary to prepare the apartment for the next rental.


For those who do not live near their property and require year round management services, we are happy to provide our comprehensive property management services. In addition to the features provided in the rental management plan, the property management plan guarantees that we will:

• Inspect your property every other week to ensure all appliances and facilities are working properly while the property is not being rented.

• Provide professional maintenance for repairs and general upkeep. We only work with reliable professionals with whom we have positive relationships.

• Put your bills and payments on standing orders from your Israeli bank account or credit card, so that no bill goes unpaid.

• Review monthly bills to make sure you are being charged correctly.

• Get you the best deal in the market for your phone, Internet, cable TV packages, etc.

• Collect mail and forward any necessary documents to your permanent address.

• Vacate your property when you return, and have the property cleaned and ready for your visit.

• Provide monthly reports of your property’s total finances.