What is “Vaad Bayit”?

“Vaad Bayit” is building maintenance fees. In every apartment building there is a building maintenance committee who oversees taking care of the apartment building. There is one designated person who is appointed to collected building maintenance fees from all tenants of the apartment building each month to cover building maintenance expenses such as: cleaning, repairs, etc. Vaad Bayit is usually one of the payments the tenant is responsible for payment, unless otherwise agreed upon and/or noted in the lease agreement.

What is Nesach Tabo (land registry)?

Nesach Tabo is the title of the apartment.

What is Church land/lease?

Please see our blog post via the following link for further understanding of what Church land is:




Can I take a mortgage when purchasing a new apartment?

It is usually possible to obtain a mortgage on 50-70% of the purchase value determined by an assessor. Assessor is appointed by the bank and chosen by you. The assessor will determine the value of the apartment, and according to that what the mortgage will be. The mortgage will depend on the value assessor sets, and your age and income which will determine the percentage out of the value the bank will be willing to mortgage.

What benefits are there for new immigrants?

There are benefits such as mortgage discounts, Arnona discounts, and possibly even tax discounts for new immigrants.

You can view more about such discounts via the Nefesh B Nefesh website:


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How do I pay city tax (Arnona)?

You can pay your Arnona bill online: 

Or, just call the municipality: 02-629-6333

When renting a long-term rental apartment, are there any additional bills that need to be paid aside for rent?

Yes! When renting a long-term rental, the following bills, unless otherwise noted in the lease agreement, are to be paid in addition to the rent: Arnona, Vaad Bayit, gas, water, electricity, internet, cable, phone land line, and others.

What is “Arnona”?

“Arnona” is the apartment city tax that is to be paid to the Municipality. When renting an apartment in Jerusalem for long-term, Arnona is usually one of the payments the tenant is responsible for paying, unless otherwise agreed upon and/or noted in the lease agreement.

Who is entitled for a discount or an exemption from Arnona?

There are several situations in which one would be exempt from paying the Arnona tax or if they would receive a discount. These scenarios can be: Olim Chadashim, lone soldiers, student, etc. Please refer to the following links to see a more details list of people who qualify, and rules on how to do so.





When renting a long-term rental, which bills are set and which bills can change?

When renting a long-term rental, the following bills are set every month: Arnona, Vaad Bayit, cable, internet, and phone line. The following bills can change monthly depending on usage: electricity, gas, and water.

How do I set up internet/cable in my long-term apartment rental?

There are several communication providers you can use to set up cable and internet in your long-term rental apartment in Israel. We recommend using the following link: http://www.smartcut.co.il/ to assist you with this. This website compares all phone, internet, cable, etc deals on the market, and you can even subscribe to them through this website.

What is considered a long-term rental?

A long-term rental is anything for 12 months or longer.

What are the repair obligations from the renter, and what are they from the owner?

Any damage from reasonable wear and tear, is the owner’s responsibility to repair. Anything beyond this, the tenant is responsible for repairing. However, these conditions should always be outlined in the lease agreement and must be reviewed before signing.

What is the meaning of the “tenant protection law”?

The tenant protection law clause was set back in the 1950’s where it stated that under certain circumstances, the tenants could not be forced to vacate the property. It is a standard clause is most rental agreements stating that the “tenant protection law” does not apply.

What happens if I want to vacate my apartment before my lease is up?

If you decide to terminate your lease before it is up, it is your responsibility to find a replacement tenant to take over your lease under the same conditions. The owner does not need to agree to this, however, he does need to approve of the new tenant.

I am a Diplomat, and I am here on a mission. Sometimes, my mission can finish earl or be cancelled. How would this effect my lease?

For cases like this, we have a Diplomatic Clause in many of our contracts that considers such situations. This is best to be discussed before signing the lease.

Please note: Alon Central strongly suggests and recommends that you speak with and consult a legal representative on any such matters involved in buying/selling/and renting an apartment.

  1. ******Please note: Alon Central strongly suggests and recommends that you speak with and consult a legal representative on any such matters involved in buying/selling/and renting an apartment.

What is “purchase tax”?

Purchase tax is paid by the buyer when purchasing an apartment in Israel. You can calculate your estimated purchase tax by using the calculate at this link:



It is important to note, that this sum may vary depending on if this is your only apartment in Israel, or if you have more than one, as well as whether you are an Israeli citizen.

What are the additional costs involved when purchasing an apartment in Israel?

Purchase tax, lawyer fees, and if you are using an agent, then the agent fees as well.

Once I have purchased the apartment, when is it mine? When do I get the keys to the apartment?

After completing the last payment of the purchase, that is when you legally receive hold of the apartment. Upon the last payment, the title and registration are transferred to the new owner. Ordinarily, payments are on average 2-3 instalments. However, all of this does depend on the specific details of the deal and purchase agreement.

What is “Appreciation Tax” (Mas Shevach מס שבח)?

Appreciation Tax is a tax paid by the seller of the apartment. This is paid on the gain of the apartment from when the seller originally bought the apartment to when he sells it. You can calculate your estimated appreciate tax by using the calculator via the following link (from the Israeli Tax Authority’s Website): 



What is Tama 38?

Please see our blog post via the below link, which goes into further depth of Tama 38 and all it entails:


What is Tama 38 #2?

Tama 38 #2 is when they demolish the existing building and build a new building with additional floors in favor of the developers. You can read more details about this from our blog post about it:



How do I proceed to book an apartment with Alon Central?

Once you’ve found an apartment that is suitable for your needs, and available for the dates you’re interested in, all you have to do is click the “BOOK” button and it will guide you through the process. If you require further assistance or have any questions please be sure to contact us.

What time can I access the apartment? When do I have to leave?

Check-in is generally at 3:00 pm in the afternoon. Check-out is by 11:00 am in the morning.

How is the electricity calculated?

The electricity is calculated according to your exact usage. We will take a meter reading upon your check-in and another upon checkout and calculate the cost according to the rate charged by the electric company.

What is the booking procedure?

Once you are ready to book an apartment for your vacation in Jerusalem, we will proceed in one of two ways:

1. In some cases, as the managing company for the apartment, we can proceed with the booking immediately.

2. With other apartments, our procedure as the managing company is to get the owners formal approval before each specific rental. We will therefore be in contact with the owner of the apartment, and we can only complete the reservation once we have the formal OK from the owner.

Are there any additional costs I should know about regarding my rental?

The prices that are displayed are the “all inclusive” prices.

For some apartments there is an additional electricity charge (questions below) and for others there might be an additional charge if you require parking, but these costs are all listed as well.

What is the minimum booking period?

We have a minimum booking period of between 5-10 nights, depending on the exact apartment and season. 

How can I pay for my rental?

We accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, or Israeli Credit Card)), checks (U.S. Dollar chesk off of US bank accounts)  or cash for the rental and agent fees. In cases where the price does not include some utilities and a turnover charge we prefer to be paid in cash in Shekels, since these payments go directly to the owners and cleaners.

What facilities do the apartments include?

On each apartment page there is a list of the amenities that are provided with the apartment. In general, all apartments have linens and towels, AC, wireless internet, cable/satellite TV, an equipped kitchen with appliances and utensils.

If you require any specific amenities, please feel free to contact us to see that we can provide that service.

I don’t have my exact dates yet, can I reserve an apartment?

If the apartment is available for the estimated period you’re interested in, we can reserve the apartment for your dates and once you have your exact dates we will finalize those details. If someone else is interested in the apartment for dates which overlap yours, we will contact you and make sure this won’t affect your rental.

What are the costs to book and reserve the apartment?

We require 60% of the total cost of the rental to reserve the apartment. The remaining cost is due upon check-in.

What is the cancellation policy?

If you cancel 30 day or more before the rental, you will be refunded half of your deposit, minus our agent fee.

If you cancel within the 30 days prior to the rental, the booking fee is non-refundable.

I need a kosher apartment, how do you ensure this?

Most our apartments have the option to be either kosher and non-kosher.

What does this mean?    We have a set of kosher dishes and non kosher dishes. Unless it is a kosher only apartment, the kitchens are set up as default – non kosher. When a guests requests a kosher kitchen, we switch out the non kosher dishes and replace them with the kosher ones. (This done at an additional cost of $55) Appliances are not kashered, but you are welcome to do so upon arrival.

Can I have someone view the apartment before I make a decision?

Our policy about viewing apartments is that we are always glad to show the apartment, however, we do so in what we call a “pre-booking/verification stage”. This means that you have all the information you need about the apartment. This has been provided to you by the photos, information on the website and by further email/phone correspondence and you strongly feel that the apartment is suitable for you. As such the viewing is meant to “verify” that the apartment actually is as described to you VIA all the information provided.

Therefore, we encourage you to ask any questions or put forward any concerns you may have regarding the apartment beforehand, so that we can try to answer them prior to you viewing the apartment.

How do I get the keys to the apartment?

Alon Central has a “self check-in” process. We will send you the full details on how to access the apartment approximately 1 week prior to your arrival. You will let yourself into the apartment, and we will be available on the phone for any need. Once you’re settled in, we’re glad to meet up with you. 

We do have some apartments whereby the owner will prefer to meet you at the apartment and walk you through it and answer any questions you may have.

What do I do if I arrive earlier/depart later?

If the we do not have a same day turnover (that is a guest arriving or leaving on the same day as you check in or out) we are happy to allow early check-in or late check-out, by upto a few hours.

However, we will only know this closer to the rental period. If you would like to ensure that you have the apartment earlier/later, you can book an extra night (which we may only charge at 50% depending on the exact hour you need to check-in/out).

Whom do I turn to in case of questions about the apartment?

During your stay we will be at your service for any questions or concerns you might have regarding the apartment.

What if I want to stay somewhere central or in a specific area?

All of our apartments are in the central areas, close to shops, restaurants, public transportation etc. If there is a specific area you would like to be in or near, please be sure to let us know which area you would like and we will then suggest appropriate apartments.

Do you provide linens and towels?

All our vacation rentals include linens and towels.

How do I provide the security deposit?

The security deposit is an authorized hold placed on your credit card. This is done in the same way as any hotel or car rental service.

What are the sizes of the beds?

We have several different sizes of beds in our apartments. For each apartment, the type of bed is listed and the sizes are accordingly:

Queen size: 1.6 meter wide.

Double size: 1.4 meter wode.

Single: 0.8 meter wide.