Jerusalem Neighborhoods and Real Estate Part II

As a continuation from last week’s blog that we did, this is another grouping of neighborhoods that we specialize in. Though they are further from the Center of Jerusalem, they are still considered central neighborhoods, and thus popular amongst residents and visitors, and tourists and offers many Jerusalem apartments for rent.

  1. German Colony – A mixed neighborhood of Daati Leumi, Chiloni and even Charedi. The main road running through the German Colony (and which separates it from Baka) is Emek Refaim. Emek is loaded with plenty of cafes, restaurants and boutique shops. At the edge of Emek Reafim there is also the ever so popular Old Train Station which is quite a happening location.

           The German Colony is most well-known for its “templar” houses, which were built by the “Templers” who were Christians who broke away from the Protestant                  Church back in 1873.

  1. Katamon – Located more south of central Jerusalem, on the border of Talbieh and the German Colony neighborhoods. Katamon is a relatively quiet neighborhood but is packed with plenty of greenery and interesting housing. It is also the home to the Shteblach Shul, where people are constantly going in and out to pray throughout the day and night. Mostly Daati Leumi neighborhood.

          Though Katamon has plenty of singles and elderly living throughout the neighborhood, it is primarily the home to many families as there are several schools                    through the Katamon radius, not to mention the vast number of parks that can be found within every few blocks.

          What makes Katamon different and unique is its vast number of old Arab houses throughout the neighborhood, which were built by Arab Christians back in                      1920’s and the 1930’s.

          Many Arab houses and apartments for rent in Jerusalem can be found in this neighborhood.

  1. Rasco – Rasco is considered a “suburb” of Katamon, being that it is just down the hill from Katamon, and somewhat similar. It’s mixed population of both Daati leumi and chiloni families, makes it welcome to all who are looking to rent an apartment in Jerusalem. Rasco consists or relatively newer buildings. Though they are still special in that they are built with the sparkling Jerusalem stone. Since the buildings are relatively newer, they aren’t as unique as the Katamon and German Colony housing.

When looking for apartments for rent in Jerusalem, our agents are well versed in these areas. Contact Alon Central today to speak with an agent about how we can be of service in finding your home in Jerusalem.