Jerusalem Neighborhoods and Real Estate: Part I

At Alon Central, we specialize in several central neighborhoods in which we represent properties for sale in Jerusalem. We have several agents working throughout Jerusalem (and even one in Netanya) to help you find the apartment you are looking for.

In case you are not familiar with the many neighborhoods of Jerusalem, here are just a few of the most popular ones as they are most central:

Shaarei Chessed: is a religious, even “Charedi” neighborhood north of Rechavia. With its variety of kosher supermarkets, cafes, bakeries, and synagogues, Shaarei Chessed has what any Shomer Shabbat visitor would want. Within a few minutes’ walk to the Great Synagogue Shaarei Chessed, also has closed off main roads during Shabbat and holidays to make their residents feel as comfortable as can be.

Shaarei Chessed is close to several major hotels, and a short walk to the City Center, where there are plenty of shops, restaurants, and boutiques.

The well-known Wulfson Towers and Villas are located on the outskirts of the Shaarei Chessed neighborhood. However. You can also find new private homes and low buildings.

Rechavia: Quiet, yet central neighborhood with lots of greenery and beautiful architecture. Azza street, which is also considered to be the “heart” of Rechavia is a happening and popular street with plenty of cafes, restaurants and shops. Gan Sacher is just beneath Rechavia, which is to be considered one of the most well-known parks in Jerusalem, and hosts to numerous concerts and events throughout each year.

Like Shaarei Chessed, Rechavia is also close by to the Great Synagogue and within walking distance to the City Center. It’s unique shops and cafes themselves are reason enough to considered Rechavia your next home when looking at house for sale in Jerusalem.


Talbieh: One of the most desired neighborhoods in Jerusalem, it is like a chameleon as people from all part of the country and world reside here. It is complete with many unique properties, and home to many office and organizations. The Jerusalem Theatre and the President’s house are right in the middle of Talbieh, and people enjoy walking the beautiful, clean and quiet streets in the neighborhood.

Talbieh is most known for its historical and unique properties. In this neighborhood you will find a range of Arab style houses for sale in Jerusalem.


Rechavia and Shaarei Chessed are primarily Anglo neighborhoods with English speaking people from all over the world. They are also more suitable for families. Whereas, Talbieh is quite a mixed neighborhood. There are many English-speaking residents, however, there are just as many Hebrew speaking residents as well. It is also mixed in the fact that it is a nice neighborhood, for students, singles, families, and even the elderly. This is what makes Talbieh one of the most popular neighborhoods in all of Jerusalem.

When looking at properties for sale in Jerusalem, our agents are well versed in these areas. Contact Alon Central today to speak with an agent about how we can be of service in finding your home in Jerusalem.