Guide To Transfer Bills To Tenant’s Name

When renting apartments in Israel, ordinarily the monthly rent is a flat amount, and does not include any bills and utilities.

Below is a guide on how to go about transferring bills into your name, and setting up certain services:

  1. Arnona – Apartment tax is not usually included in the monthly rent, and you will therefore need to transfer the bill into your name in order to make the monthly payments. In order to do so, you can click on the following link and proceed with filling out the form:

          You will need to upload a copy of the rental agreement and include your ID or Passport Number.

  1. Vaad Bayit – Building maintenance fees are usually paid by the tenant. You will need to speak with your landlord to find out who oversees the building maintenance in the building. Once you establish a connection with whomever is in charge, you will know who to pay the monthly building maintenance fee.
  1. Electricity – Transferring the bill into your name is relatively a simple process. You will need to take the meter reading on the day your lease begins. Next, you need to call the electric company (103). You must have: the meter number (this appears on the meter itself and on the electric bill), and the account number of the previous tenant. When you speak with the representative tell them you would like to transfer the name on the bill to yours. At this point it is recommended to give them your credit card information as a standing order payment, so no bill goes unpaid. After they have completed the transfer to your name, you will receive a new account number. (When speaking with them, they will ask for an ID or passport number as well, so be sure to have it on hand).
  1. Water – Like property tax, you can fill out an online form to transfer the name of the bill onto your name. Go to the following link:

          You will be required to upload a signed copy of the apartment lease as well as an ID or Passport number. Like other utilities, you will need to include the water            meter reading at the time of the beginning of the lease, and the previous tenants account number. When you speak with them, you will also need to provide                your credit card information, and they will give you a new account number as well.

  1. Gas – There are two options for gas supply when renting an apartment in Israel.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Option A. supply by gas balloon. There is nothing that needs to be done here with regards to transferring to the new tenant’s name. There are always two gas balloons. One which is connected with the apartment and being used, and a second spare one. When one is empty, you can switch to the spare, and then call the gas company to come and switch the empty one with a full one. (The spare should always be full so that you are not left with no gas) You will just need to check with the owner to see which gas company was used to provide the balloons.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Option B. similar to the electricity in that the gas meter will need be checked on the day the lease begins. Then, you will need to call the gas company (speak with the owner as to which gas company is used) and have the gas meter number on hand as well. When you speak with them, you will also need to provide your credit card information, and they will give you a new account number as well.
  1. Internet – There is no name change that must be done here, rather this is the initial set up. When renting an apartment in Israel, internet is a combination of an infrastructure and an internet provider. Bezeq and HOT are infrastructure companies. In our experience, Bezeq is more reliable and has been around longer. We would recommend using them. As for the internet provider, if you have no special requirements, it is less important which provider you choose. Bezeq International is considered to be a better provider but can be more expensive. There is also Triple C. You just need to contact the companies to establish connection and they will tell you what needs to be done.
  1. Cable – Again, there is no name change that needs to be done here, it is just an initial set up. YES and HOT are two different cable companies. You need to decide which company you would like to use, contact them and proceed with their set up steps. In our experience, YES is a more reliable cable provider. (Yes can be reached at: *2080; HOT can be reach at: *6900)


We hope this guide was helpful in assisting you on how to go about setting up certain things in your long-term rental apartment in Israel.


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