Why Should I Use A Real Estate Agent?

Realtors began to market houses for sale in the 1900’s. At the time there was no internet, and the only method of advertising was by using signs, word of mouth, other agents, and open houses. By working with other agents, the realtors shared their client base amongst one another and were then able to expose their properties to a vast number of potential clients.

Today in a world with internet and plenty of public platforms, many people may not see the meaning in paying an agent fee when, in theory, they can advertise their apartment on their own. Why, when there are many professions that have disappeared throughout the years due to current age technology, does the need for real estate agents continue to grow?

Real Estate agents remain an important and active profession today for their wide range and professional marketing skills and services.

At Alon Central we market our apartments not only on our website ( but also on several platforms (included, but not limited to are: Yad2, Janglo, Craigslist, and Madlan) We connect via social media such as Facebook and Instagram, and even reach out via the AACI. We have a weekly newsletter we send out to a mass email list (that reaches thousand of people) with apartments for sale and rent in Jerusalem to, and we have brochures we forward to potential clients and other agents.

We take professional pictures of all our apartments for sale in Jerusalem that go together with marketing them, and we are happy to work together with other agents as well.

Lastly, when using an agent, specifically Alon Central, you will have clarity and peace of mind. Purchasing an apartment in Israel, for most people, is the biggest financial decision they need to make, why not use a professional who knows and understands the business when making this hug decision? Agents help filter out the apartments on the market to the ones that will suite your needs.

You may need to pay the agent fee at the end of the deal; however, it can end up saving you in other ways.

When using Alon Central we commit to make your needs, our needs. We commit to helping you find your perfect house and are happy to walk you through this journey from beginning to the end. We understand the field and will be able to assist not only in finding the apartment, but also in the negotiating of the purchase.

We have a variety of apartments for sale in Israel, but can help you find whatever is you may be looking for.