The Jerusalem Gateway Project

You may or may not have noticed the big changes happening at the entrance to Jerusalem. The work on The New Gateway to Jerusalem Project is progressing!


This plan is to build a business quarter of 1.500.000 SQM of office and commercial space on a plot of 300 dunam. Ultimately, this will create 60,000 new jobs in Jerusalem. In addition, there will be 2,000 hotel rooms, and a considerable transportation intersection that will include a fast-outer city train, two inner city light-rail trains, public transportation lanes, and a bike path.


This project will affect Jerusalem in many ways. It will increase the supply of hotel rooms, allowing Jerusalem to host more tourists. It will increase the office space, which will create more jobs for the residents of Jerusalem. There will be easy public transportation in and out of Jerusalem, and within the city. It will upgrade the surrounding neighborhoods of the project.


(You can see more about this project by clicking here


The Mishkenot Hauma neighborhood (which is adjacent to the project), will increase in value once this project is completed


Here at Alon Central, we offer a wide selection of apartments for sale in the surrounding neighborhoods to the Gateway of Jerusalem.  


If you’re looking to invest, our team is happy to provide consultation and offer suggestions.