Preventative Measures to Take For Your Property Before a Potential Fire

We were all pretty shaken up about the major fire that happened last week. It is relieving and calming to know that thankfully, no one was physically harmed, however, as we all know, many people lost their homes and everything inside. Unfortunately, the damage that may have done to their memories and sentimental belongings can never be replaced.

When events and disasters such as this happen, it gets us thinking, how can we take measure to protect our homes into our own hands? Though we cannot prevent natural disasters or unfortunate accidents from others, we can do our best to protect what is in our control.

When you are going to build or purchase a property in Israel, it is worthwhile and highly suggested to make sure the materials used in building the apartment or that have built the apartment are non-flammable materials, which will help minimize and protect your property in Israel from a possible fire.

An obvious step in protecting ourselves and our property in Israel would be to make sure there are no open flames in or around the house, and that all flammable electrical appliances are turned off and unplugged once you are done using them.

Next, would be to take it upon yourselves to install fire and smoke detectors in the house. This is important to have as though you would normally see or smell smoke, it is not always the case. This will notify you immediately in the situation you haven’t seen or smelt the smoke.

Then we have the question of property insurance. In general, property insurance, which is basic insurance, covers the walls, windows, doors, etc. What it does not cover are the contents in the apartment. There is a separate insurance for that. When you take out a mortgage to purchase an apartment in Israel, one of the requirements to do so  is to purchase basic property insurance. If you would also like to purchase content insurance you can, but it is not a requirement from the bank.

If you do not take out a mortgage, then you will have no requirement to purchase the property insurance, however, your property would not be insured if Gd forbid something happens to the apartment.

It’s important to note here that when renting an apartment in Israel, it is the owner’s responsibility to purchase the property insurance, but NOT insurance for the content (i.e. the tenant’s belongings). If you are renting an apartment in Israel, the only way to be sure your belongings in the apartment are protected, is for you to purchase content insurance which will do just that.

Most people do not take out content insurance. However, it is worth their while to think again, as even though the items in the house/ apartment may not be expensive, to replace everything that may have been damaged will be expensive.

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