Daytime Weekend Activities in Jerusalem

Every Friday afternoon in Jerusalem, many gather to enjoy an entertaining summer evening full of great performances and lively events at the “Front Stage” street parties. 

For the forth year in a row, Jerusalem has held one of the largest series of street parties. Yonatan Strier, founder of the outdoor street parties and concerts, is once again anticipating a great turn-around, as each year the street parties have turned into a vibrant evening of international performances and great entertainment. Many enjoy these unique events held each Friday, as they bring together both well-known artists and new artists, creating a show full of variety.

Friday afternoon in Jerusalem is normally thought of as either a hectic mélange of pre-Shabbat preparation or as a quiet day off free from anything resembling a party. So why would anybody look forward to it? Three words: Massive street party! It brings all the closest friends together; it takes you go out of your day to day job and school life and just have fun with those closest to you. Before you know it, you come with two friends and you are leaving with twenty. Everyone is in the same mind set, even if you don’t know the person next to you; you are all just there to have a good time. This ordeal of a party usually draws crowds up around 5,000 people.

On Thursday august 2nd, it continues with headlining Jerusalem’s Woodstock revival at approximately 17:30. (Requires cover fee)

On Thursday august 30th, you have the great and legendary performance of the infected mushrooms at 18:00. (Requires cover fee)

And the last street party of this summer will be on august 31st, at 15:45 headlining the perfect strangers loud. (Admission free)

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