The Jerusalem Light Festival

The Jerusalem Light Festival

  • June 6th -14th
  • The Old City
  • Free Admission

June in Jerusalem brings you one of the most spectacular and artistic transformations of the Old City of Jerusalem – the Jerusalem Light Festival.

Artists from around the world will amaze your senses with their creative illuminations  and special effects that use light and technology, music and performance art to infuse and transfigure one of the most ancient and mystical urban landscapes into a truly mesmerizing new world of enchantment.

The Light Festival will include light statues, street performances, concerts, illumination of architecture, light installations, and dozens of tours, sites, artist and entertainment venues.

This fabulous celebration of Jerusalem is free and open to the public – to tourists, residents, visitors, and is wonderfully family oriented.  Last year, this highly popular festival brought 250,000 visitors to the Old City!

The third annual Jerusalem Light Festival is a true celebration of art  that uses light as its own raw medium and artistic element to create illusions of movement, wonder, beauty, bold expression and bring a new dimension and a fresh modern twist to a most ancient and beloved Old City of Jerusalem.

This is a true treat that is not to be missed!

Hours:  Weekdays: 8:00p.m. to midnight

Friday:  closed

Saturday:  9:00p.m. to midnight

For more information, please visit the official website at: