The Uniqueness of Jerusalem Cuisine

In the past few years, Israel has been building up its name in the culinary seen. With the unique multicultural cuisine Israel has to offer you can really enjoy different tastes from all over the world.

Since before Israel’s independence, Jews have been coming from all over the world. No matter where they’re from the Jews kept the family recopies and have been cooking them for centuries. During holidays, the Sabbath or even on week days, you can always find somewhere, someone cooking Gulash/Kubbe/Couscous… you name it.

Jerusalem has restaurants and cuisines from all over the world. You can find Japanese food next door to a Moroccan restaurant. In many of the restaurants kitchens you can find an old lady cooking her grandmothers recipe. That’s what makes Israeli food so exciting.

Chefs from around the world discovered the uniqueness of Israeli tastes and have been coming here to taste it for themselves, the combination of spices that usually aren’t put together are cooked in the same dish and make the Israeli kitchen one of the most exciting and special cuisines in the world.

Jerusalem offers not only foods from around the world but also different religions foods. Walking through the old city you can enjoy Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Armenian traditions foods; especially if the time of year is around a holiday like the Jewish New Year or the festivities of the Muslim Ramadan evenings.

In the past few years the Jerusalem municipality recognized the uniqueness of the Jerusalem Tastes and started a food festival in the old city. The festival is usually celebrated in March, the beginning of spring and includes stands with different foods from countries and religions around the world.

You can also enjoy the restaurants that are scattered around the whole city and offer special Kosher and non-Kosher menus. No matter what mood you’re in- you’ll find the food you want right here in Jerusalem.

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