Activities During Hannuka

Hanuka celebrations in Jerusalem

During the week of Hanuka, a Jewish holiday, Jerusalem is offering many different activities every day of the week.  There are plenty of day and night activities offered throughout the city whether you want to go out as a family or have a nice romantic evening.

Every day in the Mamila BLVD there is a central Hanuka Menora candle lighting where you can see well known Israeli personas lighting the candles. In addition there is an exhibit of different Hanuka Menoras along the BLVD and children activities in the Mamila mall and out on the street while you’re just passing by.

You can also enjoy the big verity of “sufganiot”, the Jewish doughnut. It is customary to eat deep fried foods in commemoration of the miracle associated with the Temple oil. The “sufgania” is ball shaped dough deep fried with jelly felling and powdered sugar topping. In the past few years many bakeries invent original and interesting fillings and toppings; this makes the streets of Jerusalem beautifully colorful and smell great!

For those who like a unique evening, there are tours that walk through the streets the old city and the Nachlaot neighborhood and enjoy the special sight of hundreds of Hanuka menoras all let up in the windows and the entrances of the houses. These tours are usually at the beginning of the evening (5, 6 PM) to enjoy the full impact of the candle lighting.

For more information check out this site, there plenty of activities you can enjoy during this special week.

Happy Hanuka!