The Jerusalem International OUD Festival

This year Jerusalem is hosting the 13th annual Oud festival. Over the years the festival has become a tradition of bringing together cultures from North Africa, the Mediterranean and all the way to India. The Oud is a musical instrument commonly used in North Africa and the Middle East.

Israel was built by people from places and cultures all over the world that intertwine in to one unique culture. The Oud is considered an instrument that unites and connects diverse musical cultures and traditions and that is the reason this festival has been getting many good revues and still continues to happen every year.

During the festival well known musicians play beautiful music, sing songs and tell stories about the different cultures. One of the singers is Etti Ankri, born in Israel to a Tunisian family; Etti combines songs she remembers from her childhood, stories and Piyutim with the Oud.

Here is a link to Etti Ankri singing a song as a tribute to the Tunisian people-

You can also enjoy Listening to Moshe Havusha playing and singing at the festival at this link:

The festival is taking place in the Jerusalem Theater, Confederation house and in Beit Shmuel. It started on November 8th and is continuing until the 17th.

The price range is 80-170 NIS for a performance.

You can get your tickets via the website- or by phone- 02-6245206

For more information you can click on this link: