Hamshushalaim- Jerusalem Winter Weekend Festival

This year is the 8th year in a row that Jerusalem is celebrating its culture and tourism. During the wintry month of December, every weekend (Thursday through Saturday) Jerusalem offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the many different cultural events, museums, restaurants and more. This year’s festival’s theme is ‘Humor’; you can find plays, stand-up comedy and films in that category. The word ‘Hamshushalaim’ is a combination of a few words in Hebrew- Hamishi/Shishi/Shabat and Yerushalaim, these words mean “Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Jerusalem”.

The museums all around the city (including the Israel museum, the Bible lands museum, science museum and more) are open for free until the late hours of the night. Music performances will take place in central and special areas around Jerusalem; the performances are all by famous, well known Israeli musicians and singers. Dance performances and other events on the streets or in famous cultural institutions in the Museum District, the Old City, Ein Kerem and the City Center are either free of charge or at a reduced rates.

Many of Jerusalem’s top restaurants offer discounts and specials. “Culinary Hamshush” includes a choice of two set meals at Jerusalem’s leading restaurants for either 78 NIS or 118 NIS, and a children’s meal for 28 NIS.

Many hotels in the city are offering special packages. Guests who stay at the participating hotels for two nights during the ‘Hamshushalaim’ weekends will enjoy the accommodation packages that include a 50% discount off the first night.

The events will start on the weekend of November 29th for four weekends, the last one is December 20th.

To read more about the festival you can visit the official ‘Hamshushalaim’ web site: