Ishur Ikroni – Bank Pre-Approval for a Mortgage

Once you have found your dream apartment in Jerusalem – Israel, the next step is to organize payment. When purchasing an apartment, most people will take a mortgage to assist them in completing the transaction. Below is everything you will need to know about obtaining the pre-approval from the bank for the mortgage, which is called in Hebrew “Ishur Ikroni”.


General Information:

-Obtaining an Ishur Ikroni is at no cost and no commitment on the borrower on following through with the bank offer.

-There Ishur Ikorni is valid for 24 days. If it is valid, the bank must abide by everything listed in the ishur ikroni, and they cannot back out on any points.

– For the Ishur Ikroni, you can approach the banks on your own, or, you can use a mortgage consultant who will do this for you.

– You can take out the Ishur Ikroni before signing on the apartment or after.

– For your convenience and to assist in the process of finalizing on an apartment in Jerusalem – Israel, there are online simulators that by entering your details, you will receive general information about the amount you can borrow and the monthly payment:



Benefits of the Ishur Ikroni:

– Upon receiving the Ishur Ikroni, you will know what price range you can look to purchase a property.   

– By having the Ishur Ikroni, you know how much money the bank will fund towards your mortgage. Once you have the bank’s approval, you will know how much you need to bring towards the purchase, and what the monthly payment will be. If you will know the actual cost for you to Purchase an apartment in Jerusalem – Israel.

– You can take one out from as many banks at the same time. This will put you in a better negotiating position to get the best rates and terms for your mortgage.  


Required Documents to Obtain the Ishur Ikroni:

– ID Card for each borrower.

– Salary slips for the last 3 months. 

– Bank statements for the last 3 months

– Information about any loans the borrower has taken, if applicable.

– The banks can request additional information depending on the nature of the deal.


Here at Alon Central we will help you find your apartment in Jerusalem – Israel. Once you have gotten to this stage, we can happily recommend banks and other professionals to help this process go smoothly.