Arnona – Exemptions and Discounts? Who qualifies??

When purchasing an apartment in Israel, in addition to one of the many expenses that are involved in maintaining an keeping an apartment, one of the major expenses is the City Tax. This is something that, depending on where your apartment is located, can be quite expensive every month, and can have a meaningful influence on your expenses.


What many people might not now, is that the government has granted payment exemptions and/or discounts for people in certain circumstances.


Below is a shortened list of people why may be exempt from paying the full city tax payment or paying it all together:


  1. People who own a vacant property – this is something many people do not know, but when you purchase a property in Israel you can file for an exemption of arnona on a vacant property. The property must be vacant of any person or object for a continuous period of at least 30 days. You can receive the exemption for no more than 6 months cumulative per ownership period.


For a vacant property you can request the exemption to back a few months prior to the day you submitted the claim for exemption. However, for an unsuitable property, such as one that is undergoing complete renovation, you can only qualify for the exemption started from the day you submitted the claim.


More information can be found here:


  1. New Citizens
  2. Elderly
  3. Disabled person, or a parent of a disabled child
  4. One-parent family
  5. Soldiers or Community Service (Sheirut Leumi) workers
  6. Disabled IDF veteran


These are just some people who may qualify for an exmption, however, there list does go on. If you are renting an apartment in Israel, or renting out your apartment, it is certainly worthwhile to review the list, and consult with your fellow Real Estate Agent (Achem, Alon Central) to see if you qualify for any such exemption or discount.


Further information can be found here: