The Jerusalem Light Festival

The Jerusalem Light Festival June 6th -14th The Old City Free Admission June in Jerusalem brings you one of the most spectacular and artistic transformations of the Old City of Jerusalem – the Jerusalem Light Festival. Artists from around the world will amaze your senses with their creative illuminations  and special effects that use light and […]

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Summer in the City: Ongoing Events in Jerusalem

Welcome to Summer in Jerusalem! You might have already visited the intriguing Old City, shopped and lunched at the pedestrian mall at Ben-Yehuda, and wandered through the fascinating alleyways of the Machane Yehuda Shuk (outdoor market)…looking for more?  Here is just a few of the many ongoing events taking place in Jerusalem this summer: Thursday […]

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The Annual International Jerusalem Marathon 2012

The second Annual International Jerusalem Marathon is tomorrow, March 16th! Over 15,000 people will be participating in one of the five different running options, from a full marathon, which is 42.25 meters long, through the half marathon, all the way to a special disables marathon, of 800 meters long. For further and specific details about the marathon, […]

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