The Annual International Jerusalem Marathon 2012

The second Annual International Jerusalem Marathon is tomorrow, March 16th! Over 15,000 people will be participating in one of the five different running options, from a full marathon, which is 42.25 meters long, through the half marathon, all the way to a special disables marathon, of 800 meters long. For further and specific details about the marathon, visit the official Jerusalem Marathon website:

Participating in the International Jerusalem Marathon will be runners from all over the country and about 1,500 from 40 different countries across the globe. Runners consist of marathon “junkies”, who travel the world in search of the next marathon available for them to run; hi-tech executives, who like to stretch their limbs and feel the blood flow in their body after a long day at the office; socially motivated activists who are running in order to raise money and promote varies causes; and of stay-at-home moms who feel the urge for some outdoor activity. Although it seems there is not much on common between these “types” of runners, there is one thing they all share: all these runners have been training form the past few months to this one moment, when the opining shot will be fired and all will be on their way.

Here is another video from YouTube, for those of you wow wish to practice their Hebrew. It features one Jerusalem’s known comedians, Jecky Levi, who gave a promoting and informative peace about the marathon, embedded with his tasteful sense of humor:

As you may have understood from this last video, the Marathon day is a festive day in Jerusalem. The starting shot will be sound at 7 AM, from between the “Kneset” and the Israel Museum. From that point (and until around 2 PM), varies streets throughout the city will be closed for traffic and plenty of activities will be held in “Sacher Park”, the end point of the marathon. Activities include: kick boxing, Yoga, zoomba (a form of aerobic dance exercise) and weight lifting, all of which will be instructed by certified fitness and gym instructors.

Plenty of people will be standing alongside the marathon track, cheering the runners or dreaming of the next year, when they too will have the courage and discipline needed to take part of this mighty lovely and, most of all, challenging activity.  This challenge is even greater in a city like Jerusalem, when the marathon track is up one hill top, down the other, and up once again… So, if you’re looking for something to do tomorrow, get out there and admire the thousands of runners!