Balabasta 2012: Bringing the Machane Yehuda Market Alive!

Machane Yehuda comes to life after hours for the third year in a row as dancers, musicians, sculptors, actors, poets, and those who have yet to be categorized weave in and out of the fresh and colorful produce at the 2012 Balabasta Festival

The  annual event will be taking place on each Sunday throughout August (5,12,and 19) from 17:00-23:00, and will be bringing some great art, music, and street performers to the alleys and corners of the Machane Yehuda market.

“Balabasta” will transform the market into a centennial carnival of sorts, complete with street performances, a collaborative wall-of-origami project, live video art projections, watermelon giveaways, chili eating contests, concerts, giant puppets, sets from DJs and bands, produce carving workshops and more.

The guys behind the event, Kobi Frig and Ido Levitt, have worked to bring some lively art and culture to their beloved Machane Yehuda market, and over the last two years have turned Balabasta into a much anticipated event. And of course, the fruits, vegetables and other delights are also on show.

The Sunday night happenings are FREE to access and kick off in the early evening and tail off at 11pm. And just so you know, in Hebrew,balabasta means something like “Come to the market stall.” It’s also very similar to the famed Yiddish expression balabusta, which means “housewife.”

If you would like to see for your self, take a look at this youtube video: