When Two People Want The Same Apartment

Sometimes finding an apartment for rent or for sale in Israel can be difficult. The most appealing ones usually go first. Sometimes, two people can contact the owner at the same time, and both wanting to rent/buy the apartment. In matters such as this, the question is, how does the owner choose who gets the apartment?


If there are two people who are interested in buying the apartment, a big considering factor on the side of the owner, is who is willing to pay more? The owner is selling the apartment, which means what happens to the apartment after the sale, doesn’t matter to him. If two people want it, in most cases, the owner will settle with who gives a higher offer. However, if there is no exclusivity given to a specific agent, the agents can apply their own negotiation tactics in order to help their client get the apartment.


When renting an apartment, it isn’t as clear. There are several factors the owner will considering when deciding who will take over the lease for their apartment:

  1. Who are the tenants? – If there are two people interested in renting the apartment, the owner may want to compare the two possible tenants to decide who will “take better care” of the apartment. If the two choices are, for example, three young student VS a young married couple. It is possible the owner will decide to rent it to the young married couple as it is a sign that they have settled down and can take better care if the apartment.
  2. Where have they rented in the past? – There are situations in which, possibly the three young student, though they are young, they are out of the apartment all day and can take really well care of the apartment, or that the young married couple are messy and don’t clean the apartment that well. How will the owner know any of this? By checking references by either previous landlords or family members, the owner can get a better idea of who these possible tenants are before he makes a final decision to who to rent his apartment to.
  3. How much are they willing to pay? – The landlord may not care at all who his tenants are. In which case, he can make his decision easier by saying, he who will pay more per month (or other similar conditions), will get the apartment.
  4. Who contacted the owner first? – The are some landlords who just want to get their apartment rented. The rent doesn’t concern them, and the people don’t concern them, they just want someone in the apartment, paying the bills and that’s it. In this situation the landlord may just settle for whoever rung him first.


On the other side of all of this, how the tenant/buyer conducts themselves is also important to note. For example, if a potential buyer sees an apartment that they are interested, they can give an offer, and begin the negotiating process. Once the seller and buyer enter this process, the buy can bring whichever professionals or trusted friends to come and see the apartment for whatever advice they are seeking. This is allowed and accepted during this stage.

Though this is allowed is it preferred that all the negotiating be done within a timely manner so as the you don’t drag the process out. In the meantime, the owner can receive higher offers, and you can ultimately miss out on the apartment. If this happens, your relator may be able to advise if something can be done or other actions can be taken and can even mediate between the seller and the buyer.

Bottom line, how to conduct yourself throughout the entire process of buying/selling or renting an apartment. For these situations we suggest you use a relator as they do more than just help you find an apartment. They help you mediate/negotiate with the owner/seller, and they can help advise in special situations.