Tourism Record in Israel – Come Stay with Us!

It is a fact that Israel is a big tourist destination to many spiritual and religious people. Whether it be Christians, Jews, or Arabs, Israel holds a place in many people’s hearts. All year round you will see tour groups of some sort roaming the popular and well-known sites throughout the country. These tour groups become even more frequent during the summer and winter months. It is with this that it is no big surprise that Israel vendors and shop owners make a big chunk of their income off of the culturally interested people who come and visit the land.
According to an article in the Globes, 2017 came in at a record breaking 3.6 million tourists throughout the year. This means that tourism escalated approximately 25% since 2016. People from all over the world make it a point to come and see what Israel has to offer. Not only are they touring the land, but they are buying food, and gifts as well which has contributed to the global economy as well by an outstanding figure of around NIS 20 billion.
With people visiting Israel comes the need for accommodation. They need somewhere to stay. Though hotels are nice and convenient, they can get pricey. People tend to find alternative solutions, and renting short term rental apartments happens to be one of them 🙂
With short term apartment rentals, you have the ability to choose the apartment you want, and to make sure it has the amenities and appliances you would like to make sure your stay is a more comfortable one. Unlike hotels, many short term rentals include washer and dryer, oven, stove, and a microwave. This will save you on having to send your laundry out or order take out every time you want to eat. 
Whatever the Ministry of Tourism is doing to bring more positive attention to the country, it is clearly working. I wonder how many tourists will grace us with their presence in 2018….

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