The Jerusalem Knight Festival 2012

Every year Jerusalem holds a night festival, this year’s festival subject is ‘Knights and Dragons’. The festival will take place within the walls of the old city of Jerusalem on Thursday’s the 1st and 8th of November between 6:00 pm and 11:00 pm.

Walking around the old streets of Jerusalem you’ll enjoy exciting displays from the medieval times with knights, princesses, fire-spitting dragons and many more characters.

The festival is free of charge and outdoors. Entering through the Jaffa gate you well walk into an ancient world filled with music and dance, the displays and characters will take you in a circle root to the Moristan church and back to the Jaffa gate.

Here are some movies you can watch to get in to the atmosphere:

Other than the festival you can enjoy the old city by just walking around, you can visit the western wall at all times of the day and night. Walk through the Arab market to see and buy unique local objects and items.

You can also visit the renewed Hurva synagogue. The Hurva was built it the 18th century but since then has been destroyed twice. In 2010 the synagogue has been rebuilt and is used by the Ashkenazy congregation every day of the week. You can just get a look of the beautiful building during the services or book a tour in advance-  02-626-5922.

For more information about the Hurva synagogue and the old city feel free to visit the official old city site-