The Importance of Exclusivity When Marketing an Apartment For Sale

Exclusivity on an apartment for sale means that the owner of the apartment has signed an agreement with a specific agent that states that this agent is the only authorized party able to represent the owner for the sale of the apartment. It does not mean that it is the only agent involved at all. However, this is the only acting agent to market the property for sale. Other agents can bring and represent potential buys, however, if the owner signs on exclusivity, no other agent can represent the sale side of the deal.

When selling an apartment many people contemplate as to whether they should give exclusivity to a specific real estate agent. If you are unsure as to whether this is something you want to do, refer to the list below we compiled of why it could be good for you to give exclusivity to one agent:

  1. When deciding to give exclusivity to your agent, you will choose an agent who you have good chemistry with. Someone who you can trust and who understands you and what you want. Someone who will support you and represent you and your apartment with the best interests. Someone who will market your apartment as if it were their own and update you throughout the entire process.
  2. When you give exclusivity to an agent, this means that you are working only with this agent, but that the agent will work with other agents to broaden the search for potential buyers. Agents have abilities to stretch out to further agents to reach potential buys, who otherwise may not have been aware of this apartment.
  3. When an agent has exclusivity, they have more of an incentive and ability to use a variety of different methods to market the apartment, than if they did not have exclusivity for it. Examples could be advertising the apartment in newspapers and magazine locally and nationwide, printing personal flyers for the apartment and having them hand delivered into mailboxes in surrounding neighborhoods Things such as these require extra efforts labor wise and cost wise, that agents wouldn’t otherwise put effort into if they did not have exclusivity.
  4. If you have a variety of agents showing the property for sale, it can become a bit messy and disorganized. The key to the apartment will be passed from agent to another, and situations can arise like two agents can be showing it at the same time, or one client can use two different agents to see the same property. When giving exclusivity to an agent, these problems and disagreements will not happen since the designated agent will be the go-to person for all things regarding the sale of the apartment.
  5. Certain platforms agents use place the apartment on a higher ranking if the agent has exclusivity. This means it will reach further agents and appeal to others more. Additionally, there are certain platforms that only agents with exclusivity can post on. It looks more serious for the seller when he has an agent with exclusivity. It shows potential buyers that the seller is taking all necessary measures to sell his property. ***There are even some buyers who only want to see properties being sold by agents with exclusivity.
  6. When it comes to the negotiations, the agent is the professional who has experience in the matter, as well as the fact that they were alongside you throughout the entire process of selling the apartment, so they will have your best interests in mind and listen to you from beginning to end.

Here you have it. Six positive reasons as to why it can benefit the seller to hand over exclusivity to a real estate agent when selling an apartment. Here at Alon Central, we pride ourselves on standing by our clients, and providing them with the best service and comfort. We respect their wishes and demands, and we do what we can, so they are satisfied.

If you are looking for a trust worthy agent to represent you and your apartment for sale, don’t hesitate to contact us today!