The 13th Annual Jerusalem Beer Festival

Hi All!!! We are happy to be getting back into the Blog, and we are starting it off with nothing other than the 2017 Jerusalem Beer Festival!

Carrying on an annual tradition, Jerusalem is now hosting their 13th annual Beer Festival. Every year people from all over the country travel to Independence Park (Gat Haatzmaut) to take part in the Beer Festival. 

This year the Beer Festival is for two days from August 23-24 (ONLY 1 DAY LEFT!). There will be the well-known beers that we have all come to love, or not-love, over the years. However, there will also be a large variety of boutique beers from independent brewers throughout. To go well with your nice ” brewsky”, the ambiance of the festival will not only be set with known and unknown beers, but the sensational music playing throughout, will be the cherry on top.

Tickets are NIS 40-50 (depending on if you book in advance or get a discount) and the festival begins at 18:00 (6:00 pm)

If you’re in Jerusalem tonight, and looking for something to do, you can always come to the Beer Festival as it is the last night it is going on until next year!!

Go and sit underneath the evening sky with a new beer in your hand, head jamming to whatever the musician is playing. You’ll love it!

Not sure if you want to go? See the below clip from last year’s Beer Festival:

You can read more about the festival at the following links: