Real Estate Agents and Exclusivity

For those of you who have worked with real estate agents before, or for those of you who may have not yet had the chance to do so, you will find that one of the initial questions you are asked is if you would sign an exclusivity agreement.
Some people can be hesitant to sign this agreement, but here are some reasons why it can actually be beneficial for you to give exclusivity to your real estate agent:
1. The realtor is in charge of all the marketing of the apartment, thus saving you the headache of proper marketing your own apartment and eliminating and bad marketing that can come from advertisements. The realtor will ensure proper marketing is done in order to work in the best interest of you and the apartment.
2. The realtor will work with you to make sure you get the best price you can for your apartment taking all things into consideration.
3. The realtor will take care of coordinating times and showings of apartments, and will keep you updated on any progress and hold ups.
With all of this considered, if you choose the right realtor, they will do this all as well, but by signing exclusivity over to the realtor, you are showing them that their hard work wont go unnoticed and wont be underappreciated.
When a realtor is marketing and selling an apartment, a lot of active time and energy from their part goes into doing so. They take on the job/task of selling your apartment as if it were their own. By signing the exclusivity agreement, you are letting them know that all of their hard work and determination will pay off.

Here at Alon Central we gurantee that we will do our very best to take care of the sale in the most professional and possitive manner.

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