For Sale: “Schatz House,” Center of Jerusalem

₪ 6,250,000


  • The property is the historic residence and work gallery of the Schatz family, which included Prof. Boris Schatz, founder of the Bezalel Art Academy; his son Bezalel Schatz; his wife Louise Schatz; and his daughter, recipient of the distinguished Israel Award, Zohara Schatz. The house was built by Prof. Schatz in 1908 and has since remained in the family for residential purposes.
  • The side plot is located adjacent to the Bezalel Academy for Art and Design and The Artists’ House – structures that have been declared as sites for national preservation. Although the entire Bezalel precinct, The Artists’ House, and the Schatz House are earmarked for institutional use, it should be noted that the Schatz House has served as a residence since its inception almost 100 years ago.
  • Area of registered plot: 540.45 mTotal built areas in the section: about 450 m2  With option to build a nother 500 SQM 
  • Location: “Schatz House,” 3 Bezalel St., Jerusalem
  • The property, Plot no. 23, lies in a registered area of 540 m2. The plot is rectangular, measuring 35-46 m2 long and 17.44-12.4 m2
  • Plot Boundaries:
  • North – Bezalel St., street plaza under construction.
  • East – Wall shared with a structure known as “The Museum.” This building is an integral part of the Bezalel Academy precinct, registered as Section 30043, Plot 19, Lot 1.
  • South – Plot no. 107, on which a two-story residence (with stone facing and a tiled roof) is built.
  • West – Plot no. 16, on which stands a structure used as a residence and for commercial purposes; the part bordering with the said plot functions as an open parking lot.
    The entire plot is surrounded by a high stone wall, imparting the plot, its courtyards, and building a sense of total isolation from the busy street

    Asking Price: $6,250,000

  • Agent Fee: 2% + VAT


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