For Sale: 2.5 Room Apartment in TAMA 38 Process in Talbieh

₪ 2,750,000


An excellent opportunity for a Tama 38 apartment in Talbieh.

The apartment is on the 3rd floor without an elevator, with 50 stairs. 59 SQM according to “Chok HaMecher” (47 SQM in the Arnona), in good condition.

The apartment has a living room, bedroom, closed balcony, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and a storage room in use.


This is private land, the building is signed for TAMA 38 – 2. The building will be taken down and a brand new building will be built.

The apartment will get 70 SQM + 10 SQM balcony, and private parking.


On the quiet Lincoln Street, a short walking distance from the Mamilla, the city center, and Keren Hayesod Street – a major public transport road.


Asking price: 2,750,000 NIS.


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