Once you Have Decided to Purchase An Apartment In Israel

Finding an apartment can be overwhelming, especially if it is in a foreign country, where the mother tongue can differ from your own. Since it is not a whimsical decision, it is important to proceed with caution and clarity when deciding on which property to purchase in Israel, yet not too slow, or else you may miss out on the apartment you want.

If you have seen the apartment only once, it is strongly recommended to visit the apartment a second or even third time to see the apartment in different lights and different times of day. So that you can see all aspects of the apartment and its surroundings.

Don’t hesitate to ask any all questions about the apartment to the landlord and even to people in the building or neighborhood, it will help you know the area and it’s residents in which you are interested in, which is also important when making the decision to purchase an apartment in Israel.

If you want to be sure that the price your paying is right, and a professional has checked all the licensing and permits, this is the time to bring the assessor to see the apartment. Some buyers refer to bring an assessor prior to signing the lease. If you will be taking a mortgage, and you haven’t yet brought an assessor, the bank will require you to do so. To read more about an assessor and when its best to bring him and all that is involved, check out our blog posts with further information:

(Furthermore, if you will be taking a mortgage, here is some important information to note as well:

In order to inspect the physical condition of the apartment and its systems you can bring an engineer or a house inspection company to give you a full report on the status of the apartment.

Of course, you will need to appoint a lawyer to check the legal status and registration of the apartment, and to review the lease and negotiate terms on your behalf. The lawyer can also help you with understanding additional costs you will incur due to taxes that applies when purchasing an apartment in Israel. Moshe Raz at Levinson and Raz Law Firm, is an exceptional lawyer who can assist you in any such cases.

Here at Alon Central we are happy and dedicated to helping our clients find their apartment and walking them through the entire process.

We have a variety of apartments for sale in Israel, but can help you find whatever is you may be looking for.