Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Presenting the Work of Ron Arab-The Season of Cultures

Come to the Art Garden show! You should wear something warm and do not forget comfortable shoes. The video works will be screened on the silicon regions throughout the evening and will ensure you an exhilarating experience of senses, the sequence works lasted 75 minutes and screened twice. There are stools along the side of the garden and installation. Do not hesitate, this is a chance to see some of the best art. Find the best vantage point for you and lift your eyes.

In the Art Garden at the Museum in Jerusalem, very close to Picasso, Henry Moore and Micha Ullman stationed for three weeks, installation are question of the artist, designer and architect Ron Arab: 720 degrees climbing and climbing, open to the four corners of the sky in its splendor. 5600 silicone rope hanging from the height of 8 meters, forming a perfect circle when is a black digital canvas, he projected video works of prominent artists and major local and international.

So come join this remarkable experience with the famous artist Ron Arab. This will be a Garden Art Show you do not want to miss. The doors open at 20:30pm in the Israel Museum, Jerusalem from August 5th every day until September 16th. And most importantly – booking is advised and invited tickets in advance. See you there!