Fascinating Festival on October 18th in the Old City

Night Knights Festival returns this year to celebrate the magical medieval alleys of the Old City

Knights in the Old City Festival returns this year for the second year, to the alleys of the Old City of Jerusalem. After the fruitful cooperation that took place last year with carnival masks, Italy Venice, will return to the festival at night fall into the old town with dozens of musicians and dancers, magicians and Iidaoniot, knights, princesses, troubadours, Fools and vendors from ancient times that have just emerged from the pages of history and tempt you into the world of fairy tales from another time.

On Thursday, October and November 2012, in the twilight of mystery, the audience is invited to recognize the ancient world re-created specifically for the festival.

The Knights Festival will be held in the Old City dates: 18 ‪.  10 ‪.  2012, 25 ‪.  10 ‪.  2012, 1 ‪.  11 ‪.  2012, 8 ‪.  11 ‪.  2012, between the hours of 18 : 00 – 23:00.

The festival’s experiential route will pass through all quarters of the Old City, with each district could bring surprises and mystery that awaits visitors to the festival. This year, the restaurants, cafes and markets in the Old City and Sderot Alrov Mamilla also join the solemn festival and will remain open until late evening.

Festival visitors will meet with dozens of knights, princes and medieval figures, life threatening shadow of dragons specifically. Battles, heroic stories and scary encounters with knights and dragons. Everyone come out straight from the pages of history and magic fill the alleys of the Old City of Jerusalem.

Each area of the Old City from Jaffa Gate, Brown City of David , the dance anyway, talents Mooristan and Christian Quarter flooded kings, princes, knights and dragons shows spectacular featuring scenes of wars knights dragons spitting fire: big dragon comes from the walls of the Tower of David, which Knight mounted him and wage battle knights, cage descends into the procession, Knight put the princess into it and starts a battle knights on success, dragon long dimensions range from the walls of the market, keeping egg dragon, dragon with three heads, wise old man standing at the mouth of the exchange puzzles ancient and crowned with mystery and visitors should meet the enigmas.

Plaza Tower of David will be the traditional victory parade procession liberation of Jerusalem Knights of the royal court, including the soldiers of the palace, walking drum band, flag kingdom, Knights of the palace in a show, chariots with fire dragons, dancers dancing palace period.

This is a remarkable festival you do not want to miss!