Apartment for Sale

I think we can all agree that in sales, one of the most important things is presentation. Of course, the fine print matters as well, but to the eye, to reach the fine print, it is all about the presentation.

When selling your apartment, the best thing for you and the apartment is that it sells relatively fast and doesn’t stay on the market for too long. The longer the apartment is on the market the lower the price you will get. In situations such as these, we strongly suggest that one makes some minor upgrades to the apartment, so that, in the long run, it’ll help it sell faster.

  1. Painting the walls – over time and ware an apartments wall can get scratched and stained (especially if there were kids living there) paint may chip, oil stains from cooking could be splattered on the walls, and who knows what else. For a fresh clean feel when people walk into the apartment, it is best to paint and even out all those marks.
  2. Parquet floors – depending on the age of the apartment and when or if it was remodeled, retiling the floors with parquet floors can add a nice clean finish to the apartment. With parquet floors, the appearance they are heard wood (with less expenses and upkeep) brings a new level of class to the apartment.
  3. Marketing an empty apartment – If you can empty the apartment before you bring potential buyers to come and see it, this may not be a bad idea. Like we mentioned previously, its all about presentation. If all your belongings are displayed throughout the house, it may be difficulty for the potential buys to see the beauty of the apartment amongst all the stuff that isn’t theirs. Some people are gifted with seeing potential in something no matter what the settings are, however, not everyone can do so. By seeing the apartment fresh, clean and empty, it can give the perspective buyer a better feel of the size of the apartment, and what they can do with it if it were theirs.

These are just some minor suggestions that we highly recommend giving your apartment for sale the best chance of selling fast.

See an example of a cosmteic fixup we did for this apartment for sale in Talbieh – Pinsker 22:

Be sure to contact us at Alon Central when you have an apartment for sale, and we would be happy to assist you in matters such as these!!