Apartment for Sale – Part II

A few weeks back we wrote a blog about how to prepare your apartment for sale. If you missed it, read our previous blog about preparing apartments for sale:
As a follow-up to the above blog, we have some additional suggestions of minor changes you can make to the apartment for sale. Even if you do the  previously suggested upgrades, the apartment may still feel bare. Those three suggestions along with the ones we will mention below, will all help to add a homey feeling to the apartment when potential buyers come and look at your apartment.
1. Cleaning – It’s important to always keep the apartment clean and tidy throughout the “for sale” process. For potential buyers to walk in to an apartment that is full of clutter, dust, and dirt, it gives off a bad feeling and can push those potential buyers want to set an inviting and welcoming atmosphere which a clean and tidy apartment will be sure to do just that.
2. Lighting – The light in which you show the apartment is extremely important. Sometimes older apartments don’t have current and good lighting, so it may not show the true potential of the apartment. New light bulbs and light fixtures can be purchased at relatively inexpensive prices, and truly make that much of a difference when showing the apartment.
3. Textile – From curtains to wall decorations fabrics are a great way of bringing that homey feel into the apartment. It sends out the feeling of being at home and at ease when people are looking for just for example adding a carpet to the living area putting up a picture or two to give that nice homey tone may be worth your wile .
All in all, the one thing that all of our suggestions have in common is the fact that first impressions have the biggest effect. You want to cover all your bases in preparing the apartment for sale so that you start with a bang. The feeling of how the potential buyers leave the apartment is an important one, as it can effect their opinion which can effect you in the long run. You want them to leave with a positive feeling about the apartment, even if it isn’t for them. They may have a friend that it would be perfect for.
Regardless of what your apartment needs, feel free to contact us for suggestions and advice on how to prepare your apartment for sale!