Sell or Buy First?

Many people searching for an apartment for sale in Israel already own an apartment and need to the funds from the sale to use towards their new apartment. One of the first questions we find clients want to know is, “Should I sell my apartment before buying one? Which one do I do first?” In general, […]

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Updating Procedures for Granting Housing Loans in Israel

When looking into properties for sale in Israel most people take a mortgage to fund some of the amount of the purchase. The Bank of Israel gave an update to the banks relating to the assessment of the property to make it easier for buyers.   Recently there has been need in improving the process in […]

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New Law: Cash and Real Estate Transactions

This new law about cash and real estate transactions has come in to play recently, changing the way real estate transactions are made. Below are the basic rules which apply to this new law: When renting an apartment in Israel, payment to a realtor in cash is limited to NIS 11,000. Any transaction above this […]

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