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Buying an Apartment on Paper in Israel: Steps to Finalize the Purchase
November 18, 2019

In our previous blog we discussed what your next steps would be once you decide to buy an apartment in Israel on paper. In this blog we will talk about what to do after deciding to purchase an apartment,   What comes next? So, your search for a property for sale in Jerusalem, Netanya or anywhere else in Israel has led you to buy an apartment "on paper".  You have done your research and have consulted with the professionals. Is ther

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Buying a Property on Paper in Israel - What you must ask!
November 07, 2019

In our previous blog we discussed purchase of an apartment in Israel on paper vr second hand.   You have been searching for a property for sale in Jerusalem in Netanya or other parts of the country and you have decided that an apartment on paper is the right thing for you. In  this blog post we will discuss the important aspects of the deal and property you must examine when doing so. When looking into purchasing an apartmen

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The Importance of Exclusivity When Marketing an Apartment For Sale
November 21, 2018

Exclusivity on an apartment for sale means that the owner of the apartment has signed an agreement with a specific agent that states that this agent is the only authorized party able to represent the owner for the sale of the apartment. It does not mean that it is the only agent involved at all. However, this is the only acting agent to market the property for sale. Other agents can bring and represent potential buys, however, if the owner signs

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How To Maximize Your Rental Income
November 05, 2018

Let's all agree, for those of us who own an apartment and plan on renting it out to tenants, you want to get the best price for your investment. At the same, time, you don’t want to miss out on a potential tenant, because they can't or won't pay the monthly amount you are asking for an apartment for rent. When renting out your apartment in Jerusalem, we suggest taking the following steps when considering what to price it at:   Step 1

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Church-land in Jerusalem: Overview of Past, Present and Future
November 21, 2017

A few hundred years ago a variety of different Churches began to purchase blocks of land throughout central areas in Jerusalem, which is where the land gets its name – Churchland. Once the land was developed into different popular neighborhoods (such as Talbieh and Rechavia to name a few) Leases were drawn up for 99 years. Meaning: People were able to purchase apartments built on this land, however, they would need to renew their lease (an

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Jazz Festival in Jerusalem
November 27, 2012

This year Jerusalem is hosting the 9th Jazz Festival “Jazz-Globus”. Every year the festival is dedicated to specific musical theme or a famous Jazz singer. This year the festival is dedicated to the memorable dates of some well-known performers, iconic albums release, and the world premieres of compositions that have rocked Jazz world. Seventy Israeli and foreign musicians are going to play and sing classical, experimental, elec

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Hamshushalaim- Jerusalem Winter Weekend Festival
November 22, 2012

This year is the 8th year in a row that Jerusalem is celebrating its culture and tourism. During the wintry month of December, every weekend (Thursday through Saturday) Jerusalem offers a unique opportunity to enjoy the many different cultural events, museums, restaurants and more. This year’s festival’s theme is ‘Humor’; you can find plays, stand-up comedy and films in that category. The word 'Ham

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The Jerusalem International OUD Festival
November 14, 2012

This year Jerusalem is hosting the 13th annual Oud festival. Over the years the festival has become a tradition of bringing together cultures from North Africa, the Mediterranean and all the way to India. The Oud is a musical instrument commonly used in North Africa and the Middle East. Israel was built by people from places and cultures all over the world that intertwine in to one unique culture. The Oud is considered an instrument that

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Touring in Jerusalem
November 05, 2012

Jerusalem is known to be one of the most historical cities in the world, you can explore the city by walking around the old and new sections, seeing different sites and meeting interesting people. There are many tours you can go on and learn all about the wonderful city. Here are some tours that might interest you: “Friday in Jerusalem”- a 5 hour tour that will take you through Jewish and Christian sites, you’ll visit the muse

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Buying an Apartment in Israel: on Paper vs Second hand
September 24, 2019

Take a look at our new series of blog posts regarding the purchase of an apartment in Israel whether it be on paper or second hand. Throughout the series you will find we discuss pros and cons regarding your choice of purchase and helpful tips to keep in mind. We talk about the importance of doing proper research and gathering as much information you can regarding the land you are choosing to invest in as well as liability of your contractor an

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Shuk Kaparot 2012- somethings you just do not want to miss!
September 24, 2012

Kaparot is an ancient atonement ritual performed by Jews between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. The ritual involves waving a chicken above one's head while chanting a prayer for atonement. The chicken, which is meant to absorb all the sins of the person performing the ritual, is then ritually slaughtered and given as charity to a poor family, thereby transforming sin into good deeds.It is mostly the ultra-Orthodox who perform the Kaparot&nbs

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Fascinating Festival on October 18th in the Old City
September 13, 2012

Night Knights Festival returns this year to celebrate the magical medieval alleys of the Old City Knights in the Old City Festival returns this year for the second year, to the alleys of the Old City of Jerusalem. After the fruitful cooperation that took place last year with carnival masks, Italy Venice, will return to the festival at night fall into the old town with dozens of musicians and dancers, magicians and Iidaoniot, knights, prince

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Great Events For The First Week of September
September 05, 2012

Jerusalem is now in the thick of the Hebrew month of Elul, which means that we're counting down the days remaining until the fall holiday rush. So take this as a good week to enjoy Jerusalem's cornucopia of cultural and entertainment opportunities.   Tonight, 5th of September-  Jerusalem's Old Train Station hosts the Ma'alot Tarshicha Andalusian Orchestra, with special guests including Micha Shitrit (pictured) and Kobi Oz. The co

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What you need to know when moving apartments: Out with the old, in with the new, and everything in between!
August 15, 2019

What you need to know when moving apartments: Out with the old, in with the new, and everything in between! (link to previously blog post) When you rent an apartment in Israel, there is a tedious process of packing and unpacking from your old apartment to your new apartment. We have compiled a list of suggestions below to help you be more prepare

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The 13th Annual Jerusalem Beer Festival
August 24, 2017

Hi All!!! We are happy to be getting back into the Blog, and we are starting it off with nothing other than the 2017 Jerusalem Beer Festival!Carrying on an annual tradition, Jerusalem is now hosting their 13th annual Beer Festival. Every year people from all over the country travel to Independence Park (Gat Haatzmaut) to take part in the Beer Festival. This year the Beer Festival is for two days from August 23-24 (ONL

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Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Presenting the Work of Ron Arab-The Season of Cultures
August 29, 2012

Come to the Art Garden show! You should wear something warm and do not forget comfortable shoes. The video works will be screened on the silicon regions throughout the evening and will ensure you an exhilarating experience of senses, the sequence works lasted 75 minutes and screened twice. There are stools along the side of the garden and installation. Do not hesitate, this is a chance to see some of the best art. Find the best

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Kabbalat Shabbat on Fridays
August 21, 2012

Welcome Shabbat in the most exciting mesmerizing was you can, For whoever is looking for a quiet, nice, enjoyable atmosphere before Shabbat can come join us every Friday for the month of August at 15:45 in the Zrar Bakar (Betzalel 11) with lots of music, Parashat Hashavoa and the morals from them. There were a couple in which have passed already but you don’t want to miss the last one. Eran Tzor and Ahron Razal wi

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Balabasta 2012: Bringing the Machane Yehuda Market Alive!
August 14, 2012

Machane Yehuda comes to life after hours for the third year in a row as dancers, musicians, sculptors, actors, poets, and those who have yet to be categorized weave in and out of the fresh and colorful produce at the 2012 Balabasta Festival The  annual event will be taking place on each Sunday throughout August (5,12,and 19) from 17:00-23:00, and will be bringing some great art, music, and street performers to the alleys and corne

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The International Arts and Crafts Festival
August 09, 2012

The International Arts and Crafts Festival, Jerusalem is held at the Khutsot Hayotser Arts and Crafts center, Mitchell Gardens and the Merrill Hassenfeld Amphitheater in the Sultan’s pool, opposite the Tower of David at the foot of the Old City Walls. This year the Festival is celebrating 37 years of the cultural events that has become a tradition in Jerusalem and the main tourist and artistic attraction of the summer season. More than o

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July 25, 2019

Public Service Announcement: There may be an end to Tama 38 after all (Click here to read our Blog post about Tama 38, and what it means)  The Israeli Planning Administration has initiated a proposal to stop the Tama 38 Building Plans. Meaning: If this p

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Daytime Weekend Activities in Jerusalem
July 19, 2012

Every Friday afternoon in Jerusalem, many gather to enjoy an entertaining summer evening full of great performances and lively events at the “Front Stage” street parties.  For the forth year in a row, Jerusalem has held one of the largest series of street parties. Yonatan Strier, founder of the outdoor street parties and concerts, is once again anticipating a great turn-around, as each year the

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The Jerusalem Light Festival
July 05, 2012

The Jerusalem Light Festival June 6th -14th The Old City Free Admission June in Jerusalem brings you one of the most spectacular and artistic transformations of the Old City of Jerusalem – the Jerusalem Light Festival. Artists from around the world will amaze your senses with their

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June 27, 2019

As you may recall, some several months back we wrote about different Jerusalem neighborhoods we work in, and what makes them special. To add to the already mentioned neighborhoods, here are some more, although not quite central neighborhoods we speci

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The Jerusalem Gateway Project
June 20, 2019

You may or may not have noticed the big changes happening at the entrance to Jerusalem. The work on The New Gateway to Jerusalem Project is progressing!   This plan is to build a business quarter of 1.500.000 SQM of office and commercial space on a plot of 300 dunam. Ultimately, this will create 60,000 new jobs in Jerusalem. In addition, there will be 2,000 hotel rooms, and a considerable transportation intersection that w

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Why Should I Use A Real Estate Agent?
June 06, 2019

Realtors began to market houses for sale in the 1900's. At the time there was no internet, and the only method of advertising was by using signs, word of mouth, other agents, and open houses. By working with other agents, the realtors shared their client base amongst one another and were then able to expose their properties to a vast number of potential clients. Today in a world with internet and plenty of public platforms, many people

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Summer in the City: Ongoing Events in Jerusalem
June 13, 2012

Welcome to Summer in Jerusalem! You might have already visited the intriguing Old City, shopped and lunched at the pedestrian mall at Ben-Yehuda, and wandered through the fascinating alleyways of the Machane Yehuda Shuk (outdoor market)...looking for more?  Here is just a few of the many ongoing events taking place in Jerusalem this summer:

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Preventative Measures to Take For Your Property Before a Potential Fire
May 30, 2019

We were all pretty shaken up about the major fire that happened last week. It is relieving and calming to know that thankfully, no one was physically harmed, however, as we all know, many people lost their homes and everything inside. Unfortunately, the damage that may have done to their memories and sentimental belongings can never be replaced. When events and disasters such as this happen, it gets us thinking, how can we take measure

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Inherited An Apartment?
May 22, 2019

Due to unfortunate circumstances, you may have inherited an apartment in Israel. It is important to remember, that even though you did not purchase the property in Israel, there are certain tasks that need to be tended to in order to

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Once you Have Decided to Purchase An Apartment In Israel
May 07, 2019

Finding an apartment can be overwhelming, especially if it is in a foreign country, where the mother tongue can differ from your own. Since it is not a whimsical decision, it is important to proceed with caution and clarity when deciding on which property to purchase in Israel, yet not too slow, or else you may miss out on the apartment you

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Private Assessor VS Bank Assessor
May 02, 2019

There is a difference between using a private assessor when valuing a property or apartment in Israel than an assessor that is doing the report for the bank for a mortgage. In the latter case, the bank will provide you with a list of assessors that they work with, and then you will choose from the list. The first difference is the price.

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Assessing Properties and Real Estate in Israel - key factors
April 11, 2019

Once you have found an apartment in Israel that you are serious about buying, you will need to have an assessor come and value the apartment. This is important if you would like to take a mortgage, and for negotiation to know you are paying market value. As a homeowner, using an assessor can be beneficial prior to putting your apartment on the ma

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When A Renter Won't Pay or Vacate Your Apartment
April 04, 2019

Once you purchase your apartment in Israel, you will have to decide whether you will be living in it or renting it out. When renting out your apartment, most of the time everything will go smoothly and according to the lease. However, there are times when there can be problems, and it is always best to know your rights as a landlord and

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Things to do in Jerusalem: Ongoing Activities, Sightseeing and Free Tours
April 04, 2012

Dear vacation renters in Jerusalem: This post is meant not only for those of you who are new to Jerusalem and looking for a fun way to get to know this fascinating city,  but for those of you who are already familiar with the city, and are looking for interesting outdoor activities & the best sightseeing to fully enrich their Jerusalem experience!

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Arnona - Exemptions and Discounts? Who qualifies??
March 28, 2019

When purchasing an apartment in Israel, in addition to one of the many expenses that are involved in maintaining an keeping an apartment, one of the major expenses is the City Tax. This is something that, depending on where your apartment is located, can be quite expensive every month, and can have a meaningful influence

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Ishur Ikroni - Bank Pre-Approval for a Mortgage
March 20, 2019

Once you have found your dream apartment in Jerusalem - Israel, the next step is to organize payment. When purchasing an apartment, most people will take a mortgage to assist them in completing the transaction. Below is everything you will need to know about obtaining the pre-approval from the bank for the mortgage, which is called in

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Sell or Buy First?
March 14, 2019

Many people searching for an apartment for sale in Israel already own an apartment and need to the funds from the sale to use towards their new apartment. One of the first questions we find clients want to know is, "Should I sell my apartment before buying one? Which one do I do first?" In general, the ideal situation would be to

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Updating Procedures for Granting Housing Loans in Israel
March 07, 2019

When looking into properties for sale in Israel most people take a mortgage to fund some of the amount of the purchase. The Bank of Israel gave an update to the banks relating to the assessment of the property to make it easier for buyers.   Recently there has been need in improving the proc

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Apartment for Sale - Part II
March 05, 2018

A few weeks back we wrote a blog about how to prepare your apartment for sale. If you missed it, read our previous blog about preparing apartments for sale:

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The Annual International Jerusalem Marathon 2012
March 15, 2012

The second Annual International Jerusalem Marathon is tomorrow, March 16th! Over 15,000 people will be participating in one of the five different running options, from a full marathon, which is 42.25 meters long, through the half marathon, all the way to a special disables marathon, of 800 meters long. For further and specific details about the marathon, visit the official Jerusalem Marathon website: 

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Welcome to our very first Jerusalem Vacation Rentals Blog
March 06, 2012

Alon Central  is proud to present to you the first Jerusalem vacation rentals blog! As a special service to our Jerusalem Lodgers, and to all visitors to Jerusalem, we've created this blog to provide you with valuable information about Jerusalem and its many attractions. This blog will be constantly updated in order to bring you the very the latest about "wha

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New Law: Cash and Real Estate Transactions
February 27, 2019

This new law about cash and real estate transactions has come in to play recently, changing the way real estate transactions are made. Below are the basic rules which apply to this new law: When renting an apartment in Israel, payment to a realtor in cash is limited to NIS 11,000. Any transaction above this amou

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Additional Things That Need To Be Done Once You Have Moved Into Your Apartment
February 21, 2019

Last month we wrote a Guide To Transfer Bills To Tenant's Name, this week, we are writing a continuation to that blog post. The below will apply only to residents (however, they do not apply to everyone):   Change of mailing address  -

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When Comparing The Size of Apartments
February 14, 2019

When looking at apartments to buy in Israel the first thing people say they are looking for, is the size of the apartment. They state the size they are looking for, and then the number of bedrooms, bathroom, balconies, etc. The biggest question here is how do we measure the size of the apartment? What is included? Balconies? Covered? N

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Long-Term Rentals VS Short-Term Rentals
February 15, 2018

One of the biggest debates apartment owners face is if they rent the apartment out for a long-term lease or for a short-term, vacation rental. The immediate thought is that short term rentals are more financially beneficial because of their high per night rate, however, there are many factors that need to be taken into consideration before proceeding in this direction.

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Apartment for Sale
February 04, 2018

I think we can all agree that in sales, one of the most important things is presentation. Of course, the fine print matters as well, but to the eye, to reach the fine print, it is all about the presentation. When selling your apartment, the best thing for you and the apartment is that it sells relatively fast and doesn’t stay on the market for too long. The longer the apartment is on the market the lower the price you will get. I

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Guide To Transfer Bills To Tenant's Name
January 31, 2019

When renting apartments in Israel, ordinarily the monthly rent is a flat amount, and does not include any bills and utilities. Below is a guide on how to go about transferring bills into your name, and setting up certain services: Arnona – Apartment tax is not usually included in the monthly rent, and you

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Why Winter is a Great Time to Buy an Apartment or Renovate
January 17, 2019

As you may have ready from more than one of our previous blog posts, the summer months are the prime months to look for an apartment rental. School is over, so families and students have the time and ability to move apartments, but what about buying an apartment? When looking for an apartment to buy in Israel, buyers need to make an inf

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Jerusalem Neighborhoods and Real Estate Part II
January 07, 2019

As a continuation from last week's blog that we did, this is another grouping of neighborhoods that we specialize in. Though they are further from the Center of Jerusalem, they are still considered central neighborhoods, and thus popular amongst residents and visitors, and tourists and offers many Jerusalem apartments for rent.

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Have you heard of "Tama"?
January 15, 2018

I'm sure you all have heard the words and seen the signs throughout the country, "Tama 38". If not, then maybe "Pinui Banui" rings a bell? Not quite sure what it means and what it entails. Wanna find out? Keep on reading… Tama 38 was written up back in 2005 with the purpose of strengthening older apartment buildings. Since Israel happens to be lying on the "Syrian African Rift"

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Tourism Record in Israel - Come Stay with Us!
January 04, 2018

It is a fact that Israel is a big tourist destination to many spiritual and religious people. Whether it be Christians, Jews, or Arabs, Israel holds a place in many people's hearts. All year round you will see tour groups of some sort roaming the popular and well-known sites throughout the country. These tour groups become even more frequent during the summer and winter months. It is with this that it is no big surprise

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Jerusalem Neighborhoods and Real Estate: Part I
December 27, 2018

At Alon Central, we specialize in several central neighborhoods in which we represent properties for sale in Jerusalem. We have several agents working throughout Jerusalem (and even one in Netanya) to help you find the apartment you are looking for. In case you are not familiar with the many neighborhoods of Jerusalem, here are ju

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Welcome to Israel
December 18, 2018

Shalom Olim Chadashim! When taking that big step and moving to Israel, some people have already sought out their desired neighborhood and home, while others like to dip their toes in the water to see where they find their niche in the new country. Either way, when Olim make Aliyah, they are rewarded with all sorts of benefits and discounts to help make some things a bit easier. Part of these benefits include discounts on certain fees w

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When Two People Want The Same Apartment
December 05, 2018

Sometimes finding an apartment for rent or for sale in Israel can be difficult. The most appealing ones usually go first. Sometimes, two people can contact the owner at the same time, and both wanting to rent/buy the apartment. In ma

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Important Information to Know Before Signing the Lease
December 02, 2018

If we had a shekel for every time we heard people say, "We don't have to pay the agent fee", we could open another buisness ;)  The truth is, that once the rental law changed, it created a large misconception as to who is really obligated to pay the agent fees when renting an apartment in Israel. The truth is that this amendment to the law was created in order to r

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Welcome Netanya!!
December 27, 2017

In 2017 the Alon Central company expanded their services to the Central and Sharon areas in Israel. A real estate agent from Netanya, Tamar Ritchie, has recently joined our team, and thus we opened a branch in the Sharon area with an emphasis on Netanya.  There is a growing demand for apartments in Moshaviim and the Sharon cities because they are closer to Tel Aviv, and by thus an easy co

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Real Estate Agents and Exclusivity
December 24, 2017

For those of you who have worked with real estate agents before, or for those of you who may have not yet had the chance to do so, you will find that one of the initial questions you are asked is if you would sign an exclusivity agreement. Some people can be hesitant to sign this agreement, but here are some reasons why it can actually be beneficial fo

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Oh Hannukah, Oh Hannukah
December 12, 2017

The nights are getting cold, and the air is scented with sufganiot. This can only mean 1 thing... Chanukah is here!!! With the festival of lights, not only do yummy, oil filled foods, gelt, and presents come in to play, but Chofesh from school is thrown into the mix as well. This holiday is the perfect opportunity to do somet

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Purchasing an Apartment in Israel
December 06, 2017

When purchasing an apartment in Israel (or anywhere for that matter), there are additional fees that come along with the purchase aside for the payment  of the property itself. To begin, you will have the agent fee (if you used a real estate agent to find your property, which we highly reccommend that you do). The agent fee can range up to approxi

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The Uniqueness of Jerusalem Cuisine
December 26, 2012

In the past few years, Israel has been building up its name in the culinary seen. With the unique multicultural cuisine Israel has to offer you can really enjoy different tastes from all over the world. Since before Israel’s independence, Jews have been coming from all over the world. No matter where they’re from the Jews kept the family recopies and have been cooking them for centuries. During holidays, the Sabbath or even

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Activities During Hannuka
December 13, 2012

Hanuka celebrations in Jerusalem During the week of Hanuka, a Jewish holiday, Jerusalem is offering many different activities every day of the week.  There are plenty of day and night activities offered throughout the city whether you want to go out as a family or have a nice romantic evening. Every day in the Mamila BLVD there is a central Hanuka Menora candle lighting where you can see well known Israeli personas lightin

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The Jerusalem Knight Festival 2012
October 29, 2012

Every year Jerusalem holds a night festival, this year’s festival subject is ‘Knights and Dragons’. The festival will take place within the walls of the old city of Jerusalem on Thursday’s the 1st and 8th of November between 6:00 pm and 11:00 pm.Walking around the old streets of Jerusalem you’ll enjoy exciting displays from the medieval times with knights, princesses, fire-spitting dragons and many more c

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