About us

Alon Central – by Jerusalem Lodges was the first business in Jerusalem to offer short term accommodation in Jerusalem to visitors from abroad – a valuable service that provides a home-like atmosphere to travelers. Today, Alon Central is a unique real estate firm that provides a variety of customized services under one roof, including vacation and long-term rentals, sales, and property and building management.

Our company was originally founded as Jerusalem Lodges in 1993 by Anita Ellis, who made Aliyah from Philadelphia with her husband in 1976. For 18 years, Jerusalem Lodges provided property management and vacation rental services to homeowners and vacationers from around the world.

In 2011, Anita decided to retire. Today, husband and wife Emuna and Azi Alon are proud to be the owners of what is now called Alon Central. Together, they carry on the practices that made Jerusalem Lodges an adored institution for so many years.
Emuna Alon, B.A. in economics and business management, M.A. in law from Bar Ilan University, is a licensed realtor and a member of the Chamber of Real Estate Brokers in Israel, and has been working as a realtor since 2006 in Jerusalem. Azi Alon, made aliya from the U.S. and grew up in Jerusalem. He has been assisting Emuna with her realty business while studying for a B.A. in education, sociology and anthropology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, completed in 2010.

We are distinguished not only by our superior properties and services, but especially by our personalized approach to the real estate business. Our mission is simple: to forge lasting relationships with our clients, customers, and staff that are based on excellent service. In this way, we strive every day to make Jerusalem a more hospitable place to live and work.

The most important things we offer our clients are the courtesy of personalized service, reliability and professionalism. Each and every apartment in Jerusalem that we offer is personally inspected by a member of the Alon Central team to ensure that every care has been taken to accommodate all of the needs and requests of our clients.

Let us, at Alon Cenral, take part in the search for an apartment in Jerusalem for you. Weather it is a short term or vacation rental, a long term (1 year or more) apartment rental or properties for sale in Jerusalem you’re looking for – we will find the right place for you!

Or, simply contact us and let us know how we can help you and we will get back to you promptly.